вторник, 12 февраля 2008 г.

Good News

Last month I did a presentation to a room full of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders.
These days everyone thinks they're a businessman, but it takes more than time and some good luck to be successful.

I looked forward to talking about the topic because so often I hear people complain about not having enough money, feeling stuck or unhappy with themselves, their work, their life.

I can give you powerful tool that will save you time and help you increase your profits fast.

Here is, as promised, another thing to help you get moving forward in order to make money in your business faster and easier. We hope you'll enjoy our salesletter. It's a series of profit sales tips, developing tools, marketing ideas, and more to help you make your business all that you want it to be.

Dear Mr. Name,
A short time ago you were kind enough to accept our invitation for a Company Name.
That's why I'm writing to you today with this special offer. With a (Company Name) (Product name), you receive a 1% bonus on every net purchase you make with the (Product Name) -- credited to your account monthly. Of course, you also receive benefits that give you automatic car rent and so on...

All you have to do is bring the $100 bill attached to this letter to any (Company Name) representative, and make your deposit account for a minimum of three months.